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KINeSYS : KINeSYS Fragrance-free SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray with Parsol 1789 (Avobenzone)
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KINeSYS : KINeSYS Fragrance-free SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray with Parsol 1789 (Avobenzone)
KINeSYS Fragrance-free SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray with Parsol 1789 (Avobenzone)

Reg Price: $18.99

120 ml / 4 fl oz

Product ID: 16136
UPC: 778817066013

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MICROSPRAY Application Fast Drying Without Rubbing.

Alcohol Free Performance Sunscreen with Parsol® 1789:

• Antioxidant UVA/UVB Protection
• Oil-free / Alcohol free / PABA free
• Very water & sweat resistant
• Hypoallergenic / Non-Comedogenic
• Fragrance Free
• Preservative Free

This Fragrance Free sunscreen provides high sunburn protection. An ideal choice for athletes subject to prolonged sun exposure while training or for individuals with sun sensitive skin requiring greater UV protection. The perfect choice for athletes who don’t want the telltale "beach" smell of conventional sunscreens.

Earthkind - Ethical Manufacturing

Tags: 15TRENDS

Spray liberally and evenly to all exposed areas 30 minutes before sun exposure. Goes on wet and will dry in 2 to 3 minutes. Avoid getting the product in eyes when applying to face. To maximize protection reapply every two hours or after swimming or exercise.
Active Ingredients: Octinoxate 7.5%, Octocrylene 7%, Octisalate 4%, Avobenzone (Parsol®1789)2%
Inactive Ingredients: Cyclotetrasiloxane (and) Cyclopentasiloxane, Octyl Palmitate, VP/Hexadecene Copolymer, Phenyl Trimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate, Bisabolol, PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone

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  Lindsay V (7/16/2014 1:56:02 AM)
I've been using this sunscreen since 2010. I read a review of it somewhere and gave it a try. I couldn't believe I was paying so much for sunscreen, but I soon realized that I had been missing out on quality protection. I had been using lotion and sprays that were 50, 60, and even higher SPF, when all I needed was a quality product.
Pros: I use it for triathlons, so it's definitely waterproof and sweat proof. I only need to reapply every 4 hours, and it doesn't impede my ability to sweat.
Cons: My finger gets tired of spritzing as it's not continuous spray, but I wouldn't want a continuous spray bottle anyway. Maybe a spray with a handle/lever?

  Casey Cooper (7/2/2014 5:52:47 PM)
This is hands down the best sunscreen product I have ever used. I first purchased this product about three years ago and now sometimes kid that I am their West Coast Sales team. I purchased on recommendation from EWG's skindeep website and found that this product balances low toxcicity, effectiveness, and ease of use better than any other spray I have tried.
Pros: Everything! Just got back from the Carribean un burned with plenty of sun exposure, ocean and pool with one to two applications per day!
Cons: Pricey....however well worth it and a little goes a long way!

  Jess (7/31/2013 8:03:41 PM)
I love this stuff. Picked it up in a grocery store in Oakland, CA and have used it religiously. I loathe the poison factor of typical sunscreens and much prefer the spray variety, so was pleased as punch to find this. I have all the skin-colour of a week-old corpse (sunburn looking at a picture of the sun) and this sunscreen has been a blessing.
Pros: Works as well as "mainstream" sunscreen without all the harsh additives that make me wonder if the skin cancer wouldn't be better.

Cons: More oily than slimy like most; it doesn't *quite* wear into the skin like most sunscreens so you're always going to be aware that you're wearing it.

  Steph (6/17/2013 1:42:46 PM)
Love this stuff. No smell, don't need to rub it in and don't need to use a lot.
Pros: ease of use
Cons: don't spray your face... spray your hand then rub it on your face or it can irritate your eyes.

  denise dow (7/28/2012 8:17:22 AM)
This product was recommended by our day care provider. Our granddaughter 1 year old has never!! gotten even a hint of sun since we've used it. I ordered more for other grandchildren. LOVE IT!

  Michele A. (7/18/2012 1:25:33 AM)
Absolutely LOVE Kinesys Free! Our family has been using it for almost 3 years, with one of our kiddos prone to horrible eczema. Just ordered another 3 bottles! When a 6 year old refuses to use another name brand spray and wants to wait for the Kinesys spray, you know that it's something pretty special! I have recommended it and will keep on recommending it to all that I can!!
Pros: Quick to apply, extremely effective, doesn't sting eyes, great for sensitive skin (even cracking eczema)
Cons: Doesn't do well in windy situations, spray pump can malfunction (always buy more than 1 to replace pump if needed), can leave slippery residue indoors....our family will continue to use Kinesys despite cons!!!!

  Doug McAllister (9/29/2011 12:05:25 PM)
Great stuff! I hate the feeling of "troweled on" sunscreen. Kin-e-Sys solves that problem and then some. Goes on easy. Very effective. The perfect sunscreen for golf. Keep the bottle in your bag and there it is.

  Karl Gruber (6/11/2011 2:38:57 PM)
Ever since the running store that I work at starting selling this stuff, I have used it. When I am out in the heat & sunlight on a 2 hour training run or just a 30 min. run, I use this stuff to protect my skin.
Pros: Not greasy like a lot of others, and does not sting my eyes when it sweat falls into my eyes when I run or ride.
Cons: none

  sondra anderson-bates (4/22/2011 12:58:13 PM)
i love this product i have been using this for ten years,my dermatologist started me using it and it is the only sunscreen i can use because of my atopic eczema dermatitis,all i can is thank you thank you kinesys,all my love sondra.

  Jay Zuckerman (3/22/2011 10:14:06 AM)
This is a great product but needs improvement on the applicator.
Pros: Once it's on, you don't even know you have anything on.
Cons: The spray bottle isn't such a good idea. The ones that aren't yellow don't work. I would strongly suggest packaging the product in a bottle with a squirt tube, so the product could be put on with the hands. The spray also isn't good when the wind is blowing.

  Eileen (10/31/2010 12:05:15 PM)
This is what I've been looking for for years- no odor, no greasy feel, easy to apply- I just couldn't be happier with it.
Pros: Odorless
Easy to apply
Cons: None that I've found so far

  Liz (10/19/2010 9:17:40 PM)
I have chemical sensitivites and look for fragrance free products. This sunscreen has no fragrance and is friendly to my skin.
Pros: Feels light on my skin and is easy to apply. I wear it all year long to protect my skin from sun damage.
Cons: I wish I could find it in the local health food stores.

  Denise (9/6/2010 11:27:14 PM)
This is a wonderful sunscreen. It dries really fast and doesn't leave any residue on your skin. It is great for children with sensitive skin. It's fast, easy, and works well. We don't burn ever when we use it.
Pros: Great coverage without rubbing. Fast drying. Non irritating.
Cons: None!

  Joan (8/23/2010)
A very nice product, but I haven`t used it yet on the beach to test it`s sunblock effectiveness.
Pros: Initially appears oily but does not leave an oily sheen. Spreads nicely.
Cons: The cost - at nearly $20.00 for this small size it could be quite expensive to use.

  mary (8/17/2010)
best sunscreen i have found. goes on effortlessly and stays on. added plus is it takes care of dry/sensitive skin.
Pros: easy on no scent keeps skin moisturized without heaviness of lotion. cutting edge parsol 1789 for protection
Cons: nothing not to like.

  kojazz1 (8/15/2010)
Coach football in Redlands, CA.
In sun for 3+ hours each day.
Pretty good protection with a single application.
Pros: Good protection with single application. Not greasy, sticky, or messy.
Cons: nada

  Scott (8/6/2010)
I live in high altitude and need all the protection from the sum I can get. I`ve used this product for years and have never burned.
Pros: So easy to apply even on thick hair
Cons: Slightly oily at first, but quickly absorbs

  B. Kuykendall (8/3/2010)
Love your spray sunscreen! Have tried alot of sunscreens out there.
Pros: Being fragrance free is a big plus in my book.Very easy to apply makes it so that you WILL re-apply as well. It is very gentle on the skin. Some sunscreens can be highly irritating
Cons: Although,I would love to see a lotion for the face as opposed to using the spray itself. Can be a little messy but still worth it

  Mary (8/2/2010)
Pros: My skin does not feel at all oily once it dries!
Cons: The bottle difficult to hold due to odd shape, and it is also difficult to spray with left hand.

  Kym (7/30/2010)
Love it. I had a lot of criteria: a sunscreen with non-toxic ingredients that would protect me and my family from all potentially harmful rays, a pump spray for easy application, a product that wouldn`t make pores feel like they were choking, and wouldn`t irritate my really sensitive skin. FOUND IT. Plus, it goes a long way. My hiking partner and I both used it on all exposed skin for 5 days and used only ~3/4 ounce total. Fantastic.

  Randi (7/13/2010)
My entire family loves this stuff. The kids love it because it goes on quickly - the faster to get out and play. Unlike other sprays, it doesn`t aerosolize everywhere getting into your lungs. Unlike other sprays, it doesn`t feel stiff afterwards. We`ve used it for 3 years now with great results.
Pros: Spray - quick application. Feels good. Works.
Cons: Price.

  Diana (6/26/2010)
With the low SPF of 30 I need to reapply it more often than higher SPF creams to avoid burning.
Pros: Highly water and sweat resistant. It really is!
Cons: Difficult to apply inside without leaving water resistant droplets all over the bathroom. So I spray it into my hand and rub it on. Stray droplets still escape and leave a (non visible but present) mess.

  frank (6/20/2010)
can`t tell i`m wearing it which is why i like it so much.
Pros: no stench or ghostly appearance, no zits.
Cons: more water resistant than most, but still can't stand up to whitewater kayaking.

  Tom Slick (5/30/2010)
I like that this product is light and doesn`t have any fragrance. As someone with sensitive skin, I have found this sunscreen doesn`t make my face break out or get irritated like it does with thicker, more conventional sunscreens. If they could figure out how to make it less irritating to my eyes when sweat drips down my face during sporting events- it would be perfection.
Pros: Light, non-greasy and fragrance free
Cons: Burns my eyes when I sweat. A tad pricey

  Lauren (5/26/2010)
WE`ve been using this sunscreen for several years now. We still manage to get nice and brown without burning. It goes on easily and smoothly. It isn`t sticky and doesn`t make your skin feel crackly. I order it in bulk from this site and am completely satisfied.

  Barbara (5/23/2010)
I much preferred the cream that apparently has been discontinued. The spray does the job, but is harder (and more unpleasant) to use.

  gabriel (5/4/2010)
Cons: my only reservation about the great product is that it's oil based. I prefer to use a non-oil based product.

  Sandy (4/29/2010)
This product provides excellent sun protection for sensitive skin. Non-greasy and light weight!
Pros: Everything!
Cons: Nothing

  Mr. Bill (4/17/2010)
I`ve used this product for two years, and it works! The best product on the market is the one you`re willing to use every day, right after shaving or brushing your teeth, without thinking about it.
Pros: Light and fragrance free. Won't burn your eyes. Once it's on, leaves no film.
Cons: Pump sprayer.

  Paula (4/16/2010)
I have eczema and fair skin. I am allergic to sunscreen, so life is tough. This one came along and I could put it all over my very sensitive skin and no break out. What a savior. I have not tried the water proof ability yet and wish it came in a higher SPF. But when my face sweat while skiing, I did not have any burn on my face. Thank you Kinesys!
Pros: hypoallergenic, feels good on my face. No break out what so ever, No whited out face. No "BAD" ingredients Pure and simply perfect for highly allergic people like my sister and I. I thank her for telling me about it.
Cons: None what so ever.

  Kathy (4/4/2010)
Excellent sunscreen. Goes on smoothly and isn`t greasy once it soaks in. I love it, even on my face!

  Bob Barnett (12/20/2009)
Easy to use, great idea. I use it for hunting. No odor is great! I wish it lasted for more than 2 hours as I am in the stand for three, and I ususlly put it before I head out.
Pros: I need another bottle.

  Kenyatta J. Scott (12/10/2009)

  Jane (10/14/2009)

  John (9/30/2009)
Excellant product...The best I have used. I guess you get what you pay for for a change.
Pros: Hands are not slippery, eyes do not burn, and it seems to stay on along time.
Cons: None

  Marge (9/20/2009)
This product may be ``fragrance`` free as in perfume free but it is NOT odor free, having a distinct herbal odor. So if you have any sensitivity to fragrances, unfortunately this product is not for you. And to top it off it takes over a day for the odor to dissipate. Bummer.

  PAT B (9/19/2009)
We have used this sun screen for about four years. We have used it in Punta Cana; the Mexican Rivera, and the Southern Carribian, we have found it to be effective and convient.

  Marc (9/18/2009)
The absolute best sunscreen for every day use
much better than creams
haven`t had a burn in 3 years using this
Pros: Ease of use not greasy dries fast works!!
Cons: Wish they would develop a higher SPF as in exterme sun

  Bryan v (9/16/2009)
This is the best skin protection product I have found on the market. I am a melanoma skin cancer survivor and try my best to avoid direct sunlight during the middle of the day. This product sprays on and dries without having to rub it into the skin. It provides an excellent sun barrier.
Pros: Easy to use. No rubbing into the skin. My skin remains pastey white.
Cons: Sometimes, when I sweat, it mixes with the sweat and stings my eyes.

  John (9/11/2009)
I LOVE this product. Can`t imagine anyone would ever buy a different brand once Kinesys has been tried. There`s nothing like it.
Pros: No grease, no "sun lotion" sticky feel. Just sprays on and dries like water; you'll not know it's on. It's actually a good buy too. Seems expensive but the bottles last forever because a tiny bit has such big coverage.
Cons: Hmmmmm. How long do I have to figure out something about Kinesys I don't like??

  Jordy (8/21/2009)
I am extremely sensitive to scents. This is the only sun-block I have found that does not make me cough.
Pros: Scent-free; not sticky
Cons: Difficult to tell extent of effect as sun-block.

  Carol Baj (8/10/2009)
I really like the product. It doesn`t leave my skin looking oiled and I feel protected all day. My only request would be that it be made in a higher SPF also.

  Terry V (8/5/2009)
I use the spray all the time, active and non active. It feels natural against my skin.

  mike (8/2/2009)
Excellent sunscreen! I`ve been using Kinesys on my family for 3 years. Great coverage, great protection, and non-greasy (for sunscreen).
Pros: Never been burnt with it on.

  Jorge (7/16/2009)
I discovered that I was allergic to fragrance-containing products a few years ago. My experience using the fragrance-free Kinesys spray sunscreen has been great. I get a nice suntan without the itchy spots I used to have.
My 7 years old grandson recently had a severe allergic reaction to the hypoallergenic Banana Boat sunblock lotion. He is now using the Kids version without any problems either.
Pros: Convenient application No smell
Cons: Nothing, great product

  angela (6/28/2009)
Love it!!! A little goes a long way!!!!

  Darcelle (6/22/2009)
My husband loves this product. He loves that it is not sticky, and it drys quickly. It works great.
Pros: See above.

  Roxanne (6/11/2009)
Pros: This product is rated one of the safest sunscreens by the Environmental Working Group. I love that it is a spray and it goes on very easy. The bottle also lasts a long time. Go to EWG.org to find out more about your cosmetic products like sunscreen. You will be surprised to know how many bad chemicals the government lets companies put in products you use on your skin everyday.
Cons: None!

  Gayanne (6/2/2009)
I received a sample of this sunscreen, and really liked the fact that it is easy to apply, and no oil residue. I use it when golfing.

  Darlene (6/1/2009)
This product is excellent! I have been using KinESys for a long time. It goes on easily, no fuss, and no mess! This is the only sunscreen that my husband will use. The sunscreen is lightweight, once it is dry you cannot feel it on your skin.
Pros: Easy application. Effective product.
Cons: Not an easy product to find (excluding the web)

  Lois (5/30/2009)
Great sunscreen and no fragrance to irritate my skin. Love it!

  Kathy (5/28/2009)
A little goes a long way. I love that you don`t have to rub it in. Works great.

  Aron aka BambooKing (5/17/2009)
Used the sunscreen for one week in high altitude mountain conditions while prospecting. Spent 9 hours per day in the full hot sun working. Easy to use, no smell, no sunburn. Just spray in on in the morning and again in the afternoon.
Pros: No horid sunscreen beach perfume smell. Spray on and it dries fast. I will buy more.
Cons: Spray containers are way too small. Bigger containers are required for everyday use for people who work in the sun.

  Lauren B (5/14/2009)
My son has albinism and needs to wear sunscreen year round to protect his skin. This product works very well.He prefers this sunscreen over other brands because it is fragrance free and a clear spray. This allows him the freedom to protect his skin but not advertise to the kids around him that he is wearing sunscreen everyday.
Pros: fragrance free

  karen (5/4/2009)
Pros: I love this sunscreen. It is so light, feels like water when you apply it. Can't even tell it's there after it dries, but it seems to give good protection.
Cons: The only cons are that it takes a minute or two to dry. It's worth it though.

  jocav (4/22/2009)
I use it every day.
Pros: it is not oily and seems to last longer than others.

  Tim (4/2/2009)
Overall very good product.
Pros: The fact that it is non oily and has no fragrance.
Cons: Seems a little pricey. I use this product for my face and use cheaper ones for my arms and legs.

  Sarah (3/15/2009)
Pros: very effective sun protection - really like the fragrance free option and how easy it is to put on
Cons: a little greasy on the face

  Anita (3/5/2009)
Easy to use, effective and feels great on the skin
Pros: Love that it's really fragrance free

  lisa (3/5/2009)
my husband will only use this sunscreen. doesn`t smell and he can spray it on his (thinning) hair, all over and it works well for him
Pros: fragrance-free

  Betty (3/5/2009)
This sunscreen product is very good. It feels like you have nothing on your skin. Not the usual sticky feeling that comes with most sunscreens.
However, it IS quite expensive, so one must use it sparingly, making sure there is no waste.

Pros: no sticky feel on your skin,

  jenny (12/23/2008)
LOVE this sunscreen! My husband even uses it (which is saying something). Doesn`t leave any residue or filmy feeling, is ``fragrance-free`` so you don`t smell/attract insects and best of all - IT WORKS GREAT~ I love the spray!
Pros: everything!

  shawn (10/30/2008)
This is the first sunscreen that I actually like putting on. I don`t like the feeling of greasy, heavy sunscreens and have neglected putting sunscreen on because of this. I like the way Kinesys feels on my skin. Its light and easy on my sensitive skin. I like that it doesn`t have all of the fragrances that other sunscreens have.
Pros: Fragrance-Free

  Barbara S (6/9/2008)
Very good product. Non-greasy, leaves no residue, great sun protection.

  Christopher M (3/6/2008)


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